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Nigeria Trade Information Portal to be Included in the WCO Window Compedium.

Nigeria is now taking the lead in trade facilitation measures and setting the standard for other countries to follow.
Since the development and subsequent launch of the trade information portal by the Nigeria Customs Service, commendations have been received from various Customs Administrations and the World Customs Organisation.

The latest of these commendations came from the apex Customs body which commended the Service for the development of tools and applications towards the implementation of Bali Trade Facilitation Agreement.

In a letter from the Director, WCO Trade and Facilitation Directorate, Gaozhang ZHU, the organisation explained that the WCO has embarked on the process of updating Single Window Compendium to provide member countries with richer content, particularly through the inclusion of national best practices.

The letter stated, “One of such best practices that will be included in the revised Single Window Compendium is the Nigeria Trade Hub”.

WCO expressed its appreciation to the Nigeria Customs Service for developing the trade hub and lauded the service for serving as an inspiration for like-minded countries seeking to enhance transparency and trade facilitation through the use of Information Technology.

The WCO Single Window Compendium is a platform the apex body uses to provide member administrations with useful knowledge on key requirements essential for the development of a Single Window development and implementation.

It would be noted that recently, the World Trade Organisation concluded its Agreement on Trade Facilitation and one of the key issues captured in the agreement was the use of the internet to publish information relating to trade procedures and Single Window.

As part of measures towards developing a National Single Window in Nigeria, the Customs Service developed a trade information portal,

The portal, which received wide support from stakeholders and active player in the maritime sector was officially launched August 19th, 2013. It has since become a reference point for traders in providing relevant and accurate trade information.

The portal is equipped with tools such as import and export classification tools, duty calculator, currency converter, directory of Government Regulatory Agencies and directory of Customs Brokers among others.

9 July. 2014.


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