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It’s An Early Christmas For Financial Marketers

By Alexander Edem

Okay so Christmas bells will soon be ringing across the country that came really fast though. Has it really been a year already? This is by far the most exciting period for customers and brands alike; it can be likened to our own super bowl in Nigeria, just that this super bowl lasts 30 days.

A period when consumer spending power will have increased three fold, when even the lower income group would raise their spending threshold. It’s a marketer’s dream and your financial brand could be at the center of all the attention this season. So how can you create memorable experiences for your customers during the period, whilst at the same time deepening loyalty and increasing revenue for yourself.

We have a pretty good idea what financial marketers in Nigeria are planning, it’s the same script they have been using for who knows how long. It’s the promotions card, it has always seemed to work in the past, so hey, why flip the script, why reinvent the wheel.

You tell customers to save some money and win a car by December, or to open an account and get a freebie. Drab, old, boring, wake me up when it’s January.

Truth is that the deepest connections can be made between brand and customer during this period, the fiercest loyalties can be created ultimately resulting in greater sales for your brand. Dear financial marketers, let’s try something exciting this year, something that actually helps in creating better experiences and deeper engagements with your brand this season.

Shopping spree giveaways; Customers are already in the holiday mood and shopping is associated with happiness and joy, but hey, be creative and turn it into a massive PR stunt for your brand Try having dedicated branches of your financial institution participating in the shopping giveaways, winners could be the 1, 14 or 25th customer that walks in through your doors, after their transaction, they can be whisked off to a cool location to shop. Create a dedicated microsite for the competition complete with videos, shopping spree images etc. Spread the buzz on your social media channels

Light my home; It’s about spreading the Christmas cheer right? What better way to impact customers than by helping light up their homes during the Christmas season, it will cost your brand next to nothing to execute, but the rewards, PR and awareness it will generate will give your brand mileage way into the New year.

Instead of giving away one or two cars, try trading that in for memorable customer experiences. Get a lighting company to light the externals and internals of your customers home, set up a time lapse video of each building and share it on social media, tell the world your brand is bringing light to dark places this season. Stop being resigned to the old, drab promotions just because you are a financial brand.

Christmas Wishes; Tell the world your brand will officially be granting Christmas wishes during the season, set up a way for your customers to submit their wishes to your brand through videos or via a dedicated landing page, sort through the wishes and look for the ones that are really genuine and would impact the lives of the customer, get your team on the job and grant their wishes, make sure to generate stories in the media with this activity that will position your obscure brand in the best possible light.

Crowdsourced Random Acts of Kindness; My personal favourite, random acts of kindness, takes inspiration from the pay it forward model and using the crowd model assures of virality and extended reach.

The idea could have several variations and your brand may decide on which one works best for it, you may start by giving out N1, 000 to five hundred customers, asking each of them to pay it forward by doing some random kindness to a stranger, they can then come back and share their stories on a dedicated brand platform, qualifying them for something bigger.

You can use your social media following to start the campaign, ask people what they would do for someone else if they got N1, 000, let people choose the winners and give the winners N1, 000 to do something kind for someone else, then get them to share the stories of what they did and who they helped during the season. The media and press will love it and you are actually helping in spreading some good.

The status quo dictates that if you are a financial brand you should be stiff, conservative and boring, this doesn't have to define you.

In today's increasingly digital world, marketing isn't only about promotions be it online or offline, marketing is about media. Which brand can own and create its own stories and publish and distribute them through media channels, the financial brand that can manage this effortlessly is already ahead of the competition and has an unfair advantage.

The Christmas spirit in itself is hinged on giving and spreading good cheer, let this spirit be fused into all your campaigns and you will record greater success this time around.

Merry Christmas in advance all around.

Alexander Edem is a digital marketing strategist with Amplify Digital Agency. He helps forward thinking brands make the most of new media platforms while creating memorable digital experiences for their customers. He can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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