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Nokia Account Moves to Media Perspectives.

Carat, the Aegis owned global media independent that has signed on Nigeria's Media Perspectives as its local office, has been appointed to the media planning and buying business of Nokia, the world's leading mobile device manufacturer. Nokia announced last week that it was shifting his huge global media account from Mediacom to Carat.

The move follows an exacting pitch that saw the incubent, Mediacom struggling it out with Universal McCann and PHD to defend a global brief that included a large number of countries as diverse as the UK, Australia, South Africa and Nigeria.

As the agencies were required to demonstrate their global clout as well as thier local strenght, regional representatives and affiliates around the globe like Troika's Media Perspectives had to make country-specific presentations as part of the pitch. Media Perspectives' CEO Emeka Okeke, says the win was largely due to the power of the global-local collaboration which saw MP leading Carat business drive into the west coast of Africa including Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire, Senegal and Benin.

The new win will further confirm Media Perspectives as the largest media agency in Nigeria by volume of media time and space bought.

3 August, 2009

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