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Gulder: Ultimate Arrival

Nigeria's premium beer brand from the stable of Nigerian Breweries Plc, Gulder Lager, broke fresh grounds in advertising by unveiling a new television commercial tagged, The Ultimate Arrival. While the average timeline for conventional television commercials range from 45 seconds to a minute, the new Ultimate Arrival TVC spanned over 4 minutes. The 4-minute TVC was on Thursday, April 25, 2013, unveiled to a select pool of journalists for the first time. Later that evening, it was unveiled on selected television stations for the first and only time.

A 360 degree teaser campaign – involving social media, radio and print adverts – preceded the formal unveiling of the TVC and kept Nigerians guessing for several weeks as to what the The Ultimate Arrival was all about.

Mr Yusuf Ageni, Corporate Affairs Adviser, Nigerian Breweries Plc., represented by Mr Edem Vindah, Corporate Media and Brand PR Manager, lauded the novelty of The Ultimate Arrival TVC. He described the commercial as “The-first-of-its-kind television commercial; a different kind of advertising that showcases a different way of doing beer advertising in Nigeria,” adding that it would be the main component of the Gulder brand campaign for the rest of the year.

Mr Ageni was also quick to point out that Gulder was not in the process of re-branding. He explained: “Please note that this is not rebranding, but a continuation of a brand story built on the values of Gulder as reflected in our current Out-Of-Home advertising. The new campaign has the theme – The Ultimate Arrival, which reinforces the brand’s proposition. The advertising is designed to reflect the brand’s positioning, while pinpointing its credential attributes.”

The campaign script of the TVC was written by Insight Communications and produced by RedDot, while the music sound track “Fever” was performed by Elvis Presley. Landmark shots such as the National Arts Theatre and the Sea Port, both in Lagos, were showcased, with the Lagos traffic depicting that the Gulder Man is an inhabitant of the earth.

The Corporate Affairs Adviser highlighted the aspiration of the Gulder brand. He noted: “Let me re-emphasize that the ambition of the Gulder brand is to remain the number one national premium beer, driving top line growth through innovation and playing a significant role in the life of its consumers. We constantly conduct research on the Gulder brand, consumer perception and the expectation of our current and potential consumers; and we are delighted that we have done and are always doing the right things.”

Fielding the question on whether there was a deviation from the brand values of Gulder – adventure, confidence, valour and bravery – in the new TVC, Mr Emmanuel Agu, Marketing Manager - Gulder, Legend and Life, Nigerian Breweries Plc., asserted that the view was incorrect, explaining that the fact that The Ultimate Arrival TVC showcased the Gulder Man’s lifestyle and relationship does not take away the brand essence and values of Gulder. Mr Agu added that Gulder is being repositioned as a national premium brand that meets the needs of male and female consumers who yearn and aspire for success and achievements.

Mr.Onyeka Okoli – the Senior Brand Manager – Gulder, Nigerian Breweries Plc., also shed more light on the assertion that the commercial was both elitist and lengthy, given its 4-minute length. He explained that The Ultimate Arrival would be broken into minute-long commercials with different themes, while the full length version would be aired only once. The Senior Brand Manager also added that “The Ultimate Arrival commercial showcases achievement and success, and our goal as brand handlers is to position Gulder as a national premium brand that can be enjoyed by all that aspire to attain great feats and record accomplishments.”

In his reaction, Mr Sam Osunoko, Account Management Director, Insight Communications Ltd., described Gulder as a mature brand that appeals to young adults who aspire for greatness.

2 May, 2013

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