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Free Online Publisher and New Media Conference: 22 August.

Conference Theme: Free Online Publishers and New Media Conference.

Date: 22nd August 2009

Who Should Attend?

- People who are currently blogging, podcasting, and producing other forms of new media content or entering the new media industry

- People who are researching ways to leverage new media for their large or small company

- Any Blogger, Podcaster, Internet TV or Radio Broadcaster, Social Media expert or producer of any other form of new media content.

- People who blog, podcast about business, technology, politics, sports, lifestyle & culture, general news items, or celebrity gossip.

- People who advocate a social position

- If you are serious about your content quality, if you want to increase your readership, viewership and audience growth rate, improve the look, quality or functionality of your online content

- if you want to influence decision makers, sell a product or service,

- if you want to promote yourself as an industry expert, or build your brand using new media

Venue: 3 Birkbeck Street, Off Cambridge Heath Road, London E2 6JY


- Join other leading players in the literary world from across London and the UK to share ideas , experiences and network about best practices , intellectual property and entrepreneurship.

- To network and meet other people who work in the new media industry.

- To promote your blog or brand.

- To get information about how to make the best use of new media.

- To learn how to turn your blog into a small/ mini enterprise.

- To learn about the legal provisions in the new media world.

- To share best legal practice in the industry.

- To find out how to increase your readership.

- A free invite to network

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